Do you believe it can be done in one day?

I like fast methods. I believe in fast results. This is why I took a great executive coaching system that would normally take 7-10 coaching sessions, and transformed it into something you can do in one day, start-to-finish. Would you be interested in mastering such a system?

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What my readers say

This book provides quite a comprehensive and detailed system for getting the most out of you or your clients business. Highly recommended for coaches, managers and business owners, the author takes the time to deliver on the promise of the title. Numerous resources are provided and available to the reader, as is a whole host of easy to read information and guidance. Have a pen and pad handy when reading this as you'll want to takes lots of notes, and the best thing about the book is that you can implement its advice in your business today! 
By A. Reilly on November 15, 2012

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Who is Shmaya David?

Shmaya David is a certified Master Executive Coach (MCI/EMCI) and business consultant with over 14 years of experience, specializing in Executive and Business Coaching. Shmaya is VP Operations of the Israeli Coaching Association - ICA, and is a senior trainer and supervisor. Having personally taught over 750 coaches, Shmaya is also one of the top developers of coach-training materials for Israel's largest coaching school - IKA Coaching ltd. Among his coaching and consulting clients are managers and executives in leading Israeli organizations such as Iscar, The Phoenix, Taro Pharmaceutical, The Penitentiary Authority, The Diamond Exchange and numerous small-medium business owners. 

Shmaya is the founder of eCoachingSuccess, an enterprise dedicated to the creation and distribution of information products over the internet in Israel and elsewhere. He authored 7 book.

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